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Investment Management

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As Alternative Investments specialists, our proposed capital deployment strategy consists of a proprietary Money Management function, typically combined with a hedge funds-focused Portfolio Construction.
We work with Individual and Institutional clients in devising and implementing tailor-made portfolio solutions based on their risk tolerance.
​We target the delivery of uncorrelated market returns through alpha-focused strategies,  with a bias towards a long volatility market posture. 
The firm's multi-disciplinary skill set is leveraged to research, assess and predict global geo-political and economic environments, in order to enhance portfolio positioning.
We provide independent and unbiased investment advice.  We draw strength from pillars of integrity, know-how, and results.

Institutional Clients

Advisory board:

  • For an $8BN macro hedge fund.


  • Structured products design for a $2BN European based fund of hedge funds.

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